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Brandon Raynor's School of Natural Therapies

The Brandon Raynor School is one of the world's leading international massage and natural therapies school. They are known not only for their innovative and powerful style of massage therapy, but for their intensive learning method of just one and two week hands-on massage courses which are offered throughout the world. Students are provided with professional high quality massage therapy techniques that incorporate everything they need to know in a series of short, very intensive courses.

Brandon Raynor is a world acclaimed massage therapy instructor trained in Naturopath and Ayuryedic Medicine. His techniques have been developed from over 20 years of operating his own massage business and from his travels around the world studying a wide range of massage styles and working with massage masters from a variety of massage disciplines. His form of bodywork has become increasingly popular around the world because of the his unique forms of treatment that work on each individual client to correct muscular, alignment and postural problems while also releasing stress and emotional anxiety of their deepest

His cutting edge techniques have been developed from many Eastern and Western styles of massage including Swedish, Therapeutic, Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Remedial, Lomi Lomi, Acupressure, Tuin Na & Reflexology. From these techniques and other natural healing processes, Brandon Raynor has developed his unique style with the goal of finding every tight muscle, loosening it and unblocking the flow of chi in the body. By discarding any other philosophy or technique that distracts from the two main goals of good massage - finding chronically existing muscle tension, and identifying and removing blockages in the chi flow or life force within the body, he has developed a very focused and powerful massage style that can be learned in very short intensive courses. The goal is always relieving and unblocking tension with no sidetracking, no unnecessary knowledge. Students and patients are amazed at the powerful ability Raynor's techniques have in moving chi in the body!

Another popular aspect of Raynor massage is the mind-body connection which is fundamental to both Ayurvedic Medicine and Chinese Medicine. Through an increased awareness of the concept that emotional conditions and stress can be stored in the body and manifested through a host of health issues such as insomnia, ulcers and headaches, students become well trained in methods to relieve these deep seated conditions.

From humble beginnings in 1999 in Sydney, Australia, Brandon Raynor's School of Massage and Natural Therapies currently operates in 7 countries including the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. They have a full-time clinic and school in Sydney, and conduct massage course throughout the world. They also have a permanent retreat centre for Naturopathy and massage courses in Hawaii on the west Coast of Oahu. Classes are offered worldwide in locations including Vancouver, London, Melbourne, Perth, Dublin, Toronto, Montana, Edinburgh, Auckland, Ottawa, Calgary and an expanded list of cities in Australia.

Raynor's methods are taught in down-to-earth, practical formats so that anyone, from beginner to formerly trained massage therapy practitioners, can easily learn and continue on to practice an extremely effective and advanced form of whole body therapy. Students are trained through apprentice style, hands-on methods which develop massage techniques through a sense of touch rather than through theoretical classroom style learning. Students are trained to feel tension. They are equipped to find, feel and then get rid of muscle tightness in the body. Raynor massage techniques are centered around learning to feel with the hands rather than through over-analyzing with the mind or seeing with the eyes. This is the training learned from Japan's best Shiatsu therapists who have been practicing massage for thousands of years. Students are taught that a tight spot or single muscle really exists as a meridian of tension that can run from head to toe. One band must be loosened in order for the next point to be loosened and on and on. This holistic style emphasizes once again, the mind, body and soul connection.

From Day 1 students are massaging! They are taught in simple, down-to-earth terms. The goal is to teach everything a student needs to know to become an excellent massage therapist in as short of time as possible. Brandon and his instructors teach their unique style of treatment just as they do it. Rather than waiting to teach actual massage which is typical with conventional massage therapy schools, Brandon's students start out massaging. Students are hands-on, learning how to massage the body and how various parts of the body affect other parts. Instead of overburdening students with lectures, textbooks, exams and complex terminology, Brandon's courses are taught as experiential learning workshops. In this manner they experience first hand how the healing process evolves in themselves and others. Within days students with no previous training are able to feel tension in the body and then begin relieving it. They become the patient thus understanding and feeling Brandon's treatment styles. Many students and patients are amazed at how advanced and powerful Brandon's bodywork therapy is.

In addition to the conventional areas of massage - the back, the legs and arms, Brandon's methods also delve extensively into other areas of the body such as the feet, the face, the hands, the chest and abdomen. Students are taught how the various Oriental meridian systems or bands connect the different parts of the body. By working on acupressure points in one area of the body, they learn how tension in other areas of the body can be relieved. Through this holistic bodywork style, students learn about the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul - how emotional stress can be manifested through physical problems and by alleviating the physical manifestations they can get rid of the emotional problems.

Graduates of the school are encouraged and entitled to join the International Natural Therapists Association, an organization which outlines standards of professional behavior in massage therapy and provides ongoing professional and up-to-date developments in massage therapy.

The school offers a variety of course - a 5-Day Course, a 10-Day Diploma Course, a 15-Day Diploma Course and a Naturopathy Program. The 5-Day course is an excellent way to begin. Students receive tutor input with the bulk of the course spent giving hands-on massages and experiencing massage. The 10-Day Course is designed for those who want to further develop their massage skills and/or enter the massage profession. The 15-Day Course is taught by Brandon Raynor and elaborates and expands on strategies and techniques previously learned in earlier courses. The Naturopathy Program is a Correspondence Course that covers many unique and different aspects and topics of natural therapies. It can be completed from home and has several different modules. The only attendance required is for the 10-Day Raynor Massage Diploma which is part of this program.

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