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About Brandon Raynor's School of Natural Therapies

History in Brief:

Whilst traveling around the world and learning massage under different masters of Hawaiian, Indian, Thai, Chinese and Japanese origin, I witnessed various outstanding accounts of people being fixed of serious health problems and physical injuries with a wholistic and deep massage that was not being provided in the western world. I began to feel a great passion to learn as much as possible about the full healing potential of massage and return to Australia to help introduce this much deeper approach to massage that can fix people of years of built up tension and problems by invoking deep emotional and physical release.

Originally I began my study of massage in 1990 in Australia, and undertook all the required courses and study hours to receive my massage diploma in 1991 but at that time unfortunately I had never been taught or could find any one that knew how to massage or teach massage beyond a feel good rub that at best only temporarily eased sore muscles.

After practicing and receiving massage from practitioners and teachers around Australia and the rest of the world, in 1998 in Sydney I began practicing the unique powerful type of massage I since refer to as the "Raynor Technique". Before long I was heavily booked out and within a year, started the school BRSNT, as many of my patients were eager to know how to learn this massage that they often claimed made them feel the best they'd felt in years.

From these humble beginnings and only 5 years later almost 5000 graduates are successfully practicing the cutting edge "Raynor Technique" across the globe in locations as diverse as Darwin to Dublin, Bristol (UK) to Boston and Toronto to Tasmania. BRSNT is striving ahead and fast expanding to be one of the worlds leading natural therapy training schools and massage authority.

  • Learn cutting edge techniques from different massage styles from around the world

  • Learn to tailor-make your massage instead of doing superficial routines that don't target people's specific needs

  • We offer practical, hands-on and down-to-earth apprenticeship style teaching methods

  • Save your valuable time with our intensive class structure so you can start massaging and earning money sooner

  • Learn from the best with internationally acclaimed school and world reputed teachers

"Throughout my life I have done many courses and workshops and this one is the best I have ever done. I have gotten more out of Brandon's course than I have in years of other study. Brandon is one of the very few extremely rare and beautiful men I have come across. Thank you"
Tina McAlister (Sydney, Australia)

Many people think that the most important thing that qualifies you as a therapist is a piece of paper. Actually that is not so.

Being a qualified massage therapist means that a practitioner is able to successfully perform a treatment that will impress their clients enough so that they will keep coming back and will refer other people to you.

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